Sunpad Solar Water Heater

World's most revolutionary
solar water heater

SUNPAD Solar water heater

World's most revolutionary
solar water heater


hot water

WATCH THE VIDEOSUNPAD solar water heater

World’s most revolutionary
solar water heater

Innovative solar water heater

Innovative complete system

Our all-in-one-compact solar water system delivers fresh water with high performance. The innovative concept convinces with unique design for aesthetic roof integration.

Energy efficient solar water heater

Cost and energy efficient

SUNPAD stands for an excellent performance at a low cost price and a short payback period. Furthermore optimized packaging ensures reduced transport costs.

User friendly solar water heater

Flexible and user-friendly

Designed as a plug and play system SUNPAD is fast and easy to install. Its light weight structure for easy handling is suitable for flat or pitched roof mounting.

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Hot water has never been so affordable, beautiful and innovative.

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Reduce CO2 with Sunpad



Safe money with Sunpad




From the #1 solar water heater

SUNPAD provides sustainably treated hot water at the best price and is the perfect symbiosis of innovation, design and usability. We contribute to significantly influencing the energy habits of the worldwide population through SUNPAD. And to begin a new approach today as part of tomorrow‘s energy system.

With our intelligent energy solution for your individual needs we can reduce

  • the Co2 emission by one SUNPAD which corresponds to 100 huge planted trees.
  • your heat energy costs by up to 80% depending on your climatic environment


SUNPAD is a unique and completely new solar system. By integrating the heat carrier tank into the insulation, which includes all supporting components at the same time, we have created the most compact solar system available on the the market.

Due to the small number of components, the system is virtually maintenance-free. The heart of the system is the heat storage tank. It contains 150 liters of water. The tank is manufactured using the latest laser welding technology.

The special solar coating on the surface of the tank causes the heat transfer fluid in the tank to be heated when exposed to the sunlight. The incident solar energy is released directly without line losses to the water. This means the system provides 150 liters of heat transfer fluid during the day up to 85 degrees celsius (depending on climate zone and local environment).

This tank also hosts the precisely dimensioned (19 m long) heat exchanger which carries the actual potable water.

Connected to the house water pipe, the tank is fl owed through with the tap water. If water is tapped, it will heat up as it fl ows through the heat exchanger and hot water will be available.

With the downstream mixing valve, the water will be mixed down to the desired temperature. Depending on the enviroment and temperature of the system, up to 380 liters of water with 40 degrees celsius will be available.

To maintain the temperature in the tank, it is encased with up to 50 mm thick insulation of high-quality extended polypropylene foam (EPP). This insulation also takes over the holding function for the highly transparent and UV resistant cover insulation and the solar safety glass.

SUNPAD Principle
“The benefits of the SUNPAD design and technology as well as the feedback from our clients is marvelous. People were astonished and pleased of the SUNPAD solar water heaters.”
“With SUNPAD we opened a new chapter in the history of the solar industry. With an impressive product design, revolutionary innovation, and an unbeatable price.”

The SUNPAD revolutionary solar water heater ticks all the boxes when it comes to its performance in our harsh climate. This definitely allowed the confidence and ambition to drive the SUNPAD experience forward to all our valuable clients.

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SUNPAD Technical Data

Gross area 2.05 m2
L x W x H 2.220 mm x 920 mm x 198 mm
Weight heater empty 63 kg (single AR glass)
Collector housing EPP
Bird protection click-on frame
Absorber Stainless Steel, selective coated
Absorbtion 91 %
Connections ¾”, customized possible
SUNPAD E 1 kW | 2kW Hheat rod
Thermal insulation 0.036 W/mK
Buffer tank capacity 150 liters of technical water
Domestic freshwater output up to 380 liters hot water mixed with 40°
Volume heat exchanger 9. 2 liters
Material heat exchanger
Stainless steel 1.4404 AISI 316L
Stainless steel 1.4539 AISI 904L
Compressive strength heat exchanger 10 bar
Storage material Stainless Steel



In addition to the attractive design our SUNPAD also has an excellent simple hydraulic integration. The high pressure resistance up to 10 bar opens many application and installation possibilities for the SUNPAD. We supply a safety non-return valve as standard with the product. The following illustration shows the components needed to install the SUNPAD system and how to arrange them.

SUNPAD hydraulic scheme

  1. Water main
  2. Water filter
  3. Pressure reduction valve (10 bar)
  4. Shut-off valve
  5. Combined non-return/safety valve (10 bar)
  6. Service water mixer (preset to max 60°)
  7. Electric heating element



SUNPAD solar water heater applicationsOnly solar
SUNPAD solar water heater applicationsSUNPAD connected serial with conventional water heater
SUNPAD solar water heater applicationsSUNPAD connected serial with instant water heater


Pitched roof mounting Pitched roof mounting
Flat roof 20° Flat roof 20°
Flat roof 30° Flat roof 30°

Over 200 Years in Research

Learn more about SUNPADS History